SP 76-BM Foilmaster - Hot foil stamper

A brilliant performer

When you work with products such as labels, stamps, bank notes, or packaging for luxury goods, you understand the value of creativity. But a beautiful product is of little use unless you can manufacture it economically, which is where the SP 76-BM Foilmaster comes in.

With its reliable and consistent production, simplified job changeover, and built-in cost control systems, SP 76-BM delivers the quality, performance, and profitability you need.

The technology we use to achieve this, such as highly precise sheet edge-to-foil register control, clever rewind systems, and twin electronic CUBE control units, is complemented by the ease of use and reliable production of the SP 76-BM.

At BOBST, we have a passion for innovation, performance, and reliability – one that drives us to produce machines which give our customers a real competitive advantage. With its brilliant foil stamping performance, the SP 76-BM does just that.