Registron® iQ 400 - Quality control system

  • IQ300
100% inspection of 100% of the web 100% of the time (no sampling)

Registron® iQ 400 quality control system incorporates the latest technology available for quality inspection systems including the iQTriVision function analysing the RGB-image for higher contrast sensitivity. The camera inspects 100% of the substrate surface at all speeds 100% of the time.

Registron® - BOBST integrated quality concept

Fully integrated into LEMANIC® lines, the iQ 400 inline quality control system delivers only good products, avoiding costly product returns.

Linked with the SEPARATOR/SPEEDFLOW section, it allows ejecting or tracking of non-conformity products at full speed.

Operational efficiency

  • Assists process control through preventive detection, traceability and statistics
  • Sensitivity level adapted to the end users’ needs
  • Discrimination by inspected zones with automatic definition of masked areas