FOILJET 85 WEB - Hot foil stamper

The art of making beautiful things sparkle and shine

If you need to turn your printed products into real gems within shortest time, then the range of FOILJET hot foil stamping presses is the key.Using unique rotary foil application technology, FOILJET web presses can not only process work at 200 m/min, but they also allow the application of extremely fine fonts right next to large solids. This gives you great flexibility, outstanding precision, and superb finished product quality, yet FOILJET presses are incredibly easy to set up and run.

Thanks to their great modularity, the combinations offered by the FOILJET are as individual as your jobs. You can simply choose the modules corresponding best to your needs. In its inline or offline web fed versions, the FOILJET presses can be combined with any number of presses, even other manufacturer's equipment.