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drupa 2012

At drupa 2012, BOBST will present a series of enhancements to its existing product lines and services, designed to bring customers closer to a world of zero-faults, low waste and high productivity.

BOBST will also present the first results of its new Group Strategy, launched two years ago, which can be summarized as a focus on growth (in services and products for the medium-segment), on product platforms with new innovations, and the application of lean processes throughout the Group.

Equipment Features Show Demos
Laminating flexible materials

BOBST SL 1000 solventless duplex laminator 
Equipped with the BOBST General Registron® HAWKEYE, this optical density and pinhole detector for metallized film, provides 100% web coverage.  The system can be integrated into a metallizer control system, enabling increases in speed and is also a remarkable quality assurance tool for all users of metallized film.  BOBST stand 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
BOBST CL 850 laminator
Solvent-based / solventless 
Also a preview of the new silicone coating element for specialty coating that will be presented later this year.
BOBST Technology centre in S. Giorgio Monferrato, Italy  
CI flexo printing      
BOBST Fischer & Krecke 20SIX
CI flexo press

Equipped with the latest smartGPS version.
The machine on show is one of a platform of 20SIX solutions that can be customized to meet all flexible packaging requirements and scale of production from long to very short jobs.  The models of the new product family are offered at very attractive prices and provide an extraordinary return on investment.
BOBST stand 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
BOBST Fischer & Krecke 20SIX
CI flexo press
10 colours.
the new smartCOL colour matching system will be showcased. Combined with smartGPS , it enables all manner of flexo print designs to be prepared correctly offline so as to reduce set-up waste next to zero and to considerably increase press run time. smartCOLTM can also be used for BOBST gravure printing equipment. 
BOBST Technology Centre in Bielefeld, Germany * Shuttle departure from Düsseldorf: 12.00 noon
Return to Düsseldorf: approx. 4:00 p.m.
Rotogravure printing      
BOBST Rotomec MW
Minimized Waste press 
Printing units on display.
New configuration with internal washing dedicated to ultra short run production.
BOBST stand  
BOBST Rotomec 4003HS press
Printing units on display.
Well-established high speed gravure press.
BOBST stand  
BOBST Rotomec 4003HS press
Equipped with the new Twin Trolley system that enables the user to considerably increase flexibility and reduce change-over time and off-line operations, as well as solvent and ink consumption. Another novelty is the integrated Performance D LEL that considerably reduces maintenance operations.  BOBST Technology centre in S. Giorgio Monferrato, Italy  
Smart Feeder II and a one-touch setting feature for the non-stop grid, which will be two of seven new features to be shown on this new generation EXPERTCUT. BOBST stand 12.00 noon and 3:00 p.m.
Features everything needed to give great print a superb finish. at Druckpartner Essen, (ca. 30 min) Information for visits available on our booth
Surprisingly affordable, giving you versatility and productivity in one cost-effective package. at Vekopak, Tilburg, The Netherlands (ca. 60 min) Information for visits available on our booth
BOBST BREAKER Flat Track peripheral equipment Brand new.
For corrugated board will be shown live with a job changeover in-line with a MASTERCUT 2.1 and a PALLETIZER.
BOBST Competence Center in Mex/Lausanne, Switzerland Open House for the new BREAKER Flat Track: May 14th to May 16th 
Hot foil stamping      
hot foil stamper
The only foil blocker equipped with Power Register II, which delivers perfect foil to print registration, and the Foil Touch System, which ensures superb foiling with lower heat and less pressure. at Druckveredelung Köch & Glasder, Neuss (ca 15 min) Reservations for the daily round trips to be made through the main desk on our booth
hot foil stamper
The world's first and only dedicated format VI foil stamping press allowing converters to work in large formats throughout the whole converting process.  Information on stand Discover more details on this machine plus its technical specifications. 

ACCUCHECK in-line quality control system, ACCUBRAILLE GT with smaller footprint, redesigned ergonomics, up to 115’000 b/h; Braille embossing on 4 panels, up to 8 lines and can be embossed across the blank, higher running speed for 4-corner boxes, SPEEDWAVE GT - electronically controlled.  BOBST stand 12.00 noon and 3:00 p.m.


The BOBST Competence Center in Mex/Lausanne, Switzerland will also be available for demos during drupa. Only standard jobs will be run on these machines during this period of time.

Innovations that will deliver a more comprehensive framework for providing quick and effective marketing, sales and technical support to customers across the globe will be announced by the Business Unit Services.

We will also deploy a new range of maintenance solutions ranging from in depth inspection machine to full in-house maintenance programs. 


A new Helpline Plus will enable BOBST to quickly and effectively troubleshoot your issues from a remote location, reducing downtime and minimizing its effect on operations.

Additionally, we will launch a series of upgrades to improve productivity, sustainability, safety and the quality of the end products. Ten upgrades will be demonstrated on the booth.

During the exhibition, we will be hosting a series of seminars around the themes of productivity, innovation and sustainability that will be held on our stand at 5 p.m.
Speakers from reference companies will be there to inform you about these highly interesting issues and trends affecting the packaging, printing and converting industries. Space will be limited so please book early through our website.

Seminars are held in English.

Date Seminar  Speakers    
03.05 Innovation in Pharma Dr. Siegfried Throm, vfa
François Hosotte, Ferring Pharmaceutical
Dieter Mößner, Carl Edelmann GmbH
Details Register
04.05 Flexibles market trends - what is the impact in the FMCG industry ? Ulf Timmann, Henkel AG & CO. KGaA Details Register
08.05 Flexibles market trends - what is the impact in the FMCG industry ? Ulf Timmann, Henkel AG & CO. KGaA Details Register
09.05 Sustainability: Green Packaging & Food Packaging Christian Neumann, Mayr-Melnhof Karton
Marcel Hübenthal, Henkel AG & CO. KGaA
Details Register
11.05 Innovation: Product & Supply Chain Integrity Benoît Defrasne, SICPA Details Register

Sustainable Design Juergen Schondelmayer, Unilever    
14.05 Innovation in Pharma Dr. Siegfried Throm, vfa
François Hosotte, Ferring Pharmaceutical
Dieter Mößner, Carl Edelmann GmbH
Details Register




Photos from the BOBST booth

Virtual tour on BOBST booth

For more info about the drupa trade fair, please visit

Booth installation

Booth installation