Boost my BOBST - Machine improvements

Move forward, don’t rest on your laurels, reach out to new markets. Exceptional services to develop the potential and features of your machines.
If you think your equipment has reached its limits, there’s every chance you’re mistaken! BOBST has devised and designed for you hundreds of ways of extending its capabilities. Because these programs really do boost your equipment performance, we’ve given them an appropriate name: Boost My BOBST!
For example, add modules to gain speed, improve accuracy, reduce downtime, win new markets or reduce energy costs. Or request a complete refurbishment to give your machine a new lease of life.
Machine improvements

With Boost my BOBST, boost the performance of your equipment in the following areas:


Improving qualityWinning new marketsIncreasing security
Boosting productivityReducing environmental impactRefurbishing
Improving availabilityOptimising ergonomics