EXPERTCUT 145 PER - Autoplaten® die-cutter

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The large format machine for experts

Large-format die-cutting needs particular expertise. So when we designed the EXPERTCUT 145 PER we asked the experts, you, our customers, what you wanted to see in your next large-format diecutter. The answer came back loud and clear – versatility, high productivity, easy operation, and great product quality.

The result is a machine perfect for running materials like litho-laminated board, but which maintains the versatility to run paper, carton board, and heavy solid board just as productively. EXPERTCUT 145 does all this by using the latest BOBST technology such as state of the art register systems, intelligent feeders, and quick-change tooling, all of which is complemented by excellent ergonomics and a great new look.

Our aim at BOBST is to produce machines which give our customers a real competitive advantage by harnessing our passion for innovation, performance, and reliability. With its world beating versatility and superb productivity, EXPERTCUT 145 gives you that advantage.


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