VISIONFOLD 170 - Folder-gluer

A long-standing tradition of excellence and innovation

When it comes to delivering folding and gluing at larger sizes, VISIONFOLD is a well-judged addition to the BOBST range. Providing unbeatable value for money, VISIONFOLD offers the reliability, flexibility, precision, and durability for which BOBST machines have become renowned, along with the ability to process blanks made from the thinnest boards to the thickest, in the smallest sizes to the largest.

Available in two widths, 145 cm and 170 cm, VISIONFOLD is perfectly suited to converting high added-value packaging, while its huge range of styles, high rates of production, flawless precision, short set-up times, and easy maintenance mean it is just at home processing other types of corrugated cartons. Indeed, with VISIONFOLD in your machine park, who knows what you may start producing?