F&K 20SIX - CI flexo press

Intelligent design. Intelligent economics

The F&K 20SIX is an advanced Central Impression (CI) flexo printing press for flexible packaging. It is an evolution of the acclaimed F&K FP 16 series and upgraded to include improvements in printing quality, ease of use, and versatility.

We asked customers who have been using the FP 16 and customers who need an effective Flexo printing press for future projects for their views and their needs. We re-designed the F&K FP 16-S to cater for our customers’ requirements.

Companies specializing in flexo printing wanted a press that is perfect in design, could accommodate a wide variety of printing jobs and provide an impressive return on investment. They also required that a press should be possible to customize for their own needs. We delivered. The F&K 20SIX is a combination of intelligent design and intelligent economics.

Enhanced print quality

Among the most outstanding features of the 20SIX is its absolute stability of construction across all modules. Completely re-designed precision bearings and locking mechanisms provide anti-vibration guarantees. Print quality is also enhanced by extremely accurate spindle positioning. Operationally superior servo drives provide the highest register accuracy.

Improved ease of use

Much emphasis has been placed on making all the major functions of the F&K 20SIX easily accessible at all times. This leads to effective set-up, monitoring, and maintenance with minimum downtime. An example of improved ease of use is a lightweight 2-module chamber doctor blade (combined carrier module and ink chamber module). This innovative modular design makes it possible to replace ink chambers or doctor blades in seconds.

Impressive versatility

Print shops using the F&K 20SIX can deliver the highest quality printing on any substrate used for flexible packaging. This makes it possible for them to take on a very wide range of large and small printing jobs.