LEMANIC® EMBOSSING - Embossing unit

Feel the tactile dimension

Embossing brings a tactile dimension and great visual appeal to the package. As the trend grows for more complex packaging, BOBST offers adapted solutions for multiple embossing in a single pass.

These include:

  • emboss & deboss in a single pass
  • over emboss (e.g. crest embossing over a structural one)
  • forming particular box designs, such as rounded corners, beveled edges
  • multiple embossing

Operational efficiency

BOBST Registron® register control system ensures the perfect accuracy of the embossing relative to the print, together with creasing and die cutting.
The use of sleeve technology allows quick change-over as well as tooling cost savings and fast turnaround.

Adapt the converting process to your market needs

LEMANIC® EMBOSSING offers a variety of solutions to adapt to specific needs. All solutions are fully integrated into new and existing LEMANIC® lines.