MASTERCUT 106 PER - Autoplaten® die-cutter

When only the very highest productivity will do

When you need the very highest levels of diecutting productivity, speed is only part of the equation. Outstanding productivity only comes when your machine is totally integrated into the workflow of your plant, which is why we have developed the MASTERCUT 106 PER, the most productive die-cutter on the market.

With slick job changeover to complement its high speed, MASTERCUT 106 completely integrates tools, materials, and data to deliver fast, uninterrupted production, not to mention superb quality of your finished product. Achieving this through technology such as state of the art register systems, intelligent feeders, automatic pallet transfer, and data management systems, our designers have also paid close attention to the ergonomics and look of the MASTERCUT 106.

Innovation, performance, and reliability are passions that drive us at BOBST, helping us to produce machines which give our customers a real competitive advantage. With its world beating productivity, MASTERCUT 106 gives you complete mastery of the die-cutting process and the competitive advantage you need.