EXPERTCUT 106 LE - Autoplaten® die-cutter

The machine for experts

When it comes to using the machines we build, the biggest experts around are you, our customers. So, when we designed the EXPERTCUT 106 LE, we gave it the qualities you told us you wanted to see in your next die-cutter – great versatility, superb productivity, easy operation, and unbeatable end product quality.

The technology we use to achieve this, such as our unique Optical Lateral Register system, our industry leading quick-change tooling system, and the option of Automatic Pallet Transfer for highly automated production, is complemented by both the ergonomics and look of the EXPERTCUT 106 LE.

At BOBST, we have a passion for innovation, performance, and reliability – one that drives us to produce machines which give our customers a real competitive advantage. With its exceptional versatility and superb productivity, the EXPERTCUT 106 LE does just that.