EXPERTCODE - Off-line serialization solution

Uniquely different pack serialization

BOBST EXPERTCODE is an off-line digital serialization solution that opens up new markets to packaging manufacturers by delivering the traceability brand owners need to prevent counterfeiting, along with the exciting possibility of customizing or versioning packs for individual consumers.

Running off-line on carton blanks or already folded and glued boxes, EXPERTCODE gives packaging manufacturers the ability to print individualized codes, text or graphics, and to do so in high resolution, at high speed and with instant verification. With EXPERTCODE, users can print 2D codes, QR and barcodes, graphics such as logos and images, and other types of customization such as customer names, text or serial numbers.

EXPERTCODE is also a quality control system, able to check its own print, manage a database of the codes it prints and to eject non conform boxes.

With up to four printing heads, EXPERTCODE can print at speeds of up to 100 meters per minute and has a print width of 12.5mm, or 25mm with two print units conjoined. Designed to work with carton board up to 800gsm the system can handle blanks of unopened size from 77mm x 60mm to as large as 480mm x 400mm.

EXPERTCODE: Uniquely different pack serialization for today’s new packaging markets.