LEMANIC RIVIERA ILS® - Gravure & converting line

Gravure excellence for your product portfolio

The best choice for high quality and volume gravure production

Providing up to 12 colour printing with a wide range of in-line processes, the LEMANIC RIVIERA ILS® production lines work cost efficiently by minimizing waste, maximizing up-times and production speeds. Adapted to the widest variety of substrates and addressing the needs of different industries, the LEMANIC RIVIERA ILS® production lines achieve record production figures, running up to 350 m/min at full ink coverage for all inks and coatings.

Adapt the converting process to your market needs

From board reel to stacked blanks, the LEMANIC RIVIERA ILS® production lines print, emboss, crease, cut, and stack in a single pass.

Different line configurations:

  • Flat bed converting for low volumes offering highest flexibility
  • Rotary converting for high volumes to achieve record productivity
  • Other combinations, rewinder, sheeter etc. adding flexibility to the finishing process