DC Drives

Updating your DC Drives

The DC drives which have equipped BOBST Rotomec machines until the early 2000s are now obsolete*. To maintain your productivity, opt for the latest technology, which offers enhanced reliability and performance.

Contact your BOBST specialist who can advise on a replacement for your DC drives; they will explain the options and offer you the solution best suited to your machine.

* The following generations of DC drives are obsolete:

  • POLETTI & OSTA, series 3 (Analogue)
  • PARKER/EUROTHERM, series: SSD 545 (Analogue), SSD 590 C (Digital)
  • SIEMENS, SIMOREG series: 6RA22 (Digital), 6RA24 (Digital), 6RA70 (Digital)

Key Benefits

 Refurbishing equipment Refurbishing 

  • Breathe new life into your machine with cutting-edge digital technology for improved control
  • Improve the reliability of your machine


Improving availability Improving availability

  • Extend the service life of your machine
  • Prevent breakdowns and stoppages
  • Benefit from spare part availability at all times
  • Reduce your maintenance costs
  • Benefit from ongoing, customised assistance
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