Top feeding and consistent board stream for corrugated board and litho-laminated

Feeding micro-flutes and litho-laminates can be tricky for operators, resulting in bent overlaps, crushed edges, or damage to the board surface. Traditional loaders are designed for heavier grades of board, not light materials, which is why we developed LOADER-ML.

This high speed stream feeder takes away the manual element in loading board into your BOBST Autoplaten® die-cutter or flexo printing press, but also looks after your delicate substrates. Like our BOBST LOADER, LOADER-ML reduces the chances of operator injury, ensures consistent feeding, and lets your machine run at maximum throughput. But along with this, LOADER-ML has been designed with nano/micro-flute and litho-laminates particularly in mind, so its top-feeding technology will prevent damage to your light materials, while still feeding heavier board up to double-double.

When you need to handle light materials, LOADER-ML is your perfect feeder.

Main Benefits

  • Light fluting and liner
  • Litho-laminate
  • Overlap variation
  • Delicate substrates
  • Heavy and fine solid board
  • Damage-free sheet edge/overlap and printed surface
  • Consistent board stream to ensure regular feeding
  • Uninterrupted production during pile loading
  • Matic synchronized workflow and set-up