Strategy & Values

By focusing on four strategic objectives – effective organization, operational excellence, people and growth – we aim to maintain our position of leadership in the markets we operate in and achieve the same in any new markets we enter.

BOBST follows a long-term strategy

By focusing on our strategic objectives, we aim to be, or become, number one or two in the markets we operate in, and achieve the same in any new markets we enter. Delivering these objectives involves a range of initiatives covering the quality of our products and services, optimizing our organization, focusing on customers, operational excellence, developing new products, and digitalization. Innovation in digital printing solutions will be one of our main focus points for the years to come. We will continue to invest in our people, from those focused internally to those providing market coverage, as well as process specialists who help our customers maximize their productivity. New ranges of products and services will be launched, including in the area of printing and converting, packaging, labels and other printing materials, thus extending our global offering. This will further contribute to the long-term sustainable development of the Group.


The phrase that exemplifies BOBST is “People, Knowledge and Values” because it is the people of our Group and the vast technical knowledge they have which translates into success. The values we aim to hold, both as a Group and as individuals, include Trust, Respect, Passion and Performance. These are the foundation of all collaborations that help us achieve our common goals and sustain our future. With these we aim to ensure, among other things, a life-work balance, a  pleasant work environment and a higher social responsibility.


We seek to achieve sustainable profitability across business cycles, ensuring “value creation” for our Group. Our challenge is to be the leading technical innovator in the packaging and label industry, delivering the highest quality and productivity. This will involve developing even stronger relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers, to ensure both a “common good” and mutual longevity.