Print finishing

Despite the growing influence of the internet, print remains a dynamic and highly effective means of communicating a message.

Whether they are single person operations or huge international concerns, commercial printers all work with similar materials – light and regular papers, synthetics, materials with sensitive coatings or delicate structures, and cardboard. This wide range of materials is one of the reasons commercial print is a challenging business.

Hundreds of successful printers around the globe know the value of having BOBST as a post-press partner for their die-cutting, hot foil stamping, and specialty folding & gluing, because challenging materials need innovative solutions.

Processed materials

BOBST equipment for print finishing can process the following categories of materials:

  • Paper
  • Carton board
  • Heavy solid board
  • Corrugated board
  • Semi-rigid plastics
  • Film

End users industries

BOBST opens the way to an infinite number of print finishing applications, serving end-user industries such as:

  • Fresh food
  • Beers, wine & spirits
  • Healthcare & cosmetics
  • Household & laundry
  • Electronics & appliances


Produce a quality finish for commercial print using BOBST equipment for the following production processes:

Commercial print finishing solutions