DIY & tools

The global DIY & tools market is forecast to grow to $13.9 billion by 2021 (1) at a CAGR of 3.0%. Power tools represent 63% of the market value, hand tools 29% and decoration tools 8%. 

The power tools market is primarily driven by more powerful, cordless and smaller tools serving multiple operations. Hand tools is a mature market driven mainly by lower cost tools and enhanced ergonomics. Decoration tools is a new and growing market especially in Europe where wallpaper and paintings are booming and seen as a low cost investment for home improvements.



Three major trends drive the DIY & tools market.

Home improvement
It remains a top priority as people demand better homes and nicer spaces linked to improved standards of living. Homes are a critical asset for people and carry a strong emotional attachment. The growing population and urbanization drive demand for more repairs.

On-line sales
Like many other segments, the boom in online retailing for DIY vendors plays a key role. Manufacturers are now able to cover a greater region without any physical presence at lower costs and with limited to no warehousing. For established tools where convenience and price is the main driver, online sales is a perfect channel.

Wider offering and customization
Major retailers not only provide the equipment but help consumers design their homes with customized architectural elements with unique features matching local needs - from small to large spaces and well adjusted to local cultural habits.

From a packaging standpoint folding carton and corrugated board are the primary materials. In retail, most of the purchasing decisions are made in store where the POS/POP and displays play a major role. Brand owners rely on the packaging to carry the product's benefits and quality. The traditional brown boxes have been replaced by appealing white boxes where images have replaced text. Multiple language boxes are replaced by single language boxes able to promote the product usage more effectively. Last, as retailers compete one against the other, brands can create specific tool versions with a dedicated packaging.

Retail-ready and shelf-ready packaging is very critical for the DIY retailers, as well as a faster time to market. This new requirements put tremendous pressure on suppliers to deliver high quality graphics printed on corrugated substrates while keeping costs low.

BOBST solutions

The BOBST DRO family has been designed to accommodated the most complicated jobs with high graphics quality specially required to stand out on shelves. The BOBST DRO 1624/28/32 NT RS is the most productive press on the market. The BOBST FFG 924 or 1228  are the most productive machines delivering up to 33.000 boxes per hour. For high format boxes production, the FFG 1232/1636 NT RS are the best solutions on the market. For brown boxes in very high productivity, the BOBST FFG 8.20 is the industry benchmark in terms of speed and fast order change for a fully automated complete line. For brand owners requiring very high quality graphics incl. images, the BOBST THQ FlexoCloud Technology is the most advanced one pass platform delivering quality, productivity at low operating costs and all this for boxes but also for POS (POP/Displays). In addition, BOBST offers security printing features for anti-counterfeit and track & trace - features required by brands.

BOBST's 90SIX CI flexo press is designed to deliver premium quality on a wide range of carton thickness including heavy substrates. An array of auxiliary systems that facilitate change-overs ensure maximum profitability even for short runs and even with the largest formats. Thanks to its sophisticated mechanical and electrical design the machine can handle even low grammage which further increases the efficiency of your specialized production.

Micro flute and corrugated are common in DIY and tools packaging for product presentation as well as protection. Printed instructions and specifications are often printed directly onto the packaging which requires adjustable printing methods for multiple languages and regulations. Offset or Flexo printed sheets in combination with microflutes single or double face board which are a perfect combination for presentation and protection. MASTERFLUTE TOUCH in-line laminating solutions of BOBST provides highly efficient production lines for litho-laminated corrugated board. Micro-corrugated or corrugated large boxes produced in high volume will find the perfect solution with the BOBST EXPERTCUT 145 PER die-cutter. This machine will deliver unbeatable product quality thanks to a precise and powerful register.

With the most versatile and productive folder-gluer MASTERFORLD 110, BOBST offers the perfect configuration to deal with complex packaging such as 6 packs. The device SPEEDWAVE 3 -for crash-locks will save you time and deliver exceptional folding quality; while the high performance packer CARTONPACK 4 with CASE ERECTOR will increase your productivity by automatically filling your shipping containers.

Whatever type of corrugated board or litho-laminated boxes produced, EXPERTFOLD 165 has been designed to give you complete control during the folding process. With its straight-line, crash-lock, 4&6-corner capabilities and quick setting times, this folder-gluer provides the versatility and flexibility needed to meet whatever request your clients might have. Any faulty box will automatically be ejected with ACCUEJECT XL. It ensures high quality production while simultaneously reducing waste and cost. The highly productive and fully automatic packer, SPEEDPACK will allow you to realize the full potential of your folding-gluing line. This patented equipment bundles a large range of box formats and types, from solid board up to double wall corrugated board.

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