Line components

It is over fifty years since BOBST first began producing equipment for the conversion of corrugated board. Having pioneered the automatic flat bed die-cutter for corrugated materials with the SPO 1575, in 1970 BOBST combined this technology with flexographic printing to create the SPO-FLEXO, a machine capable of flexo printing and flat bed die-cutting inline.

At the leading edge of both technologies ever since, BOBST equipment today sets the standard for what can be achieved with the inline process. We have achieved this by paying constant attention to the views of our customers, continuously investing in research and development programs, and by working with the leading players in specialist fields.

BOBST equipment for flexo printing and flat bed die-cutting inline covers a wide range of needs - from straightforward block printing and punching, to high quality process printing with complex die-cutting and stripping. Reflecting this range, our equipment is relied upon by a huge assortment of customers, from entry level users to experts, and from small businesses to multi-national corporations.


Top feeding and consistent board stream for corrugated board and litho-laminated


Fully automatic feeder

BREAKER 2 - Blank separator

The key to raising productivity on your Autoplaten® SPO diecutters



Fully automatic palletizer


Fully automatic palletizer