ACCUBRAILLE with the new male and female 5 lines kit

Add a line to your ACCUBRAILLE and satisfy the growing needs of your most demanding customers. The new 5 lines kit (male and female tools with corresponding shafts) can be easily installed on ACCUBRAILLE systems.

Key points

  • Special 5 lines male and female tools
  • The new shafts moreover feature an improved concentricity, which leads to a better accuracy of the dot height and, consequently, an improved dot quality
  • New coupling that guarantee function concentricity of ± 0.02 mm

Technical specifications

  • Complete 5 lines Marburg tool kit (0.26 mm) available under PCR0311UPG0005
  • New shafts (upper/lower) available under PCR0311UPG0003
  • Complete 5 lines Zentiva tool kit available under PCR0311UPG0008
  • New shafts (upper/lower) available under PCR0311UPG0003
  • Tacto ACCUBRAILLE® 52.9 mm thickness 0.4 stainless steel for male Braille tool Tacto machine / 50 m part number BSA 1078 3081 00
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