Braille Tooling Unit

Choose the high quality, secure solution! Manufacture your male Braille tooling at your own production site

Rather than ordering Braille male tools from a diemaker, manufacturing tools at the production plant alongside the folder-gluer is a concept that offers a lot of benefits. In addition to the savings generated by making the tooling locally, there is an obvious benefit in terms of tool availability since you are  no longer dependent on lead times for items sent through the post. The en-tire production process is thus kept 100 % under control. A new “90-degree Braille” function is now available. Open up your production to new markets!



The Braille tooling unit has a varied range of applications, such as manufacturing male Braille tool for Autoplaten® as well as male ACCUBRAILLE tools for folder-gluers. Through a process known as embossing, which involves deforming the material with a punch, dots are formed individually on strips of stainless steel supplied by BOBST. Then they are cut to length according to the type of application.

To insure perfect mounting on the ACCUBRAILLE module, one corner of the steel strip is cut to indicate the fitting direction. The fixing holes are made in a single operation with a punching unit integrated into the Braille Tooling Unit. Several parameters may be selected such as the number of lines, the number of boxes per tool, as well as the direction. Last but not least, the embossing direction can be at 90 degrees, which is a brand new function of the Braille Tooling Unit.

Thanks to the cartridges, exchanging the punch and matrix can be carried out very quickly and easily. The basic matrix fitted is consistent with the dot shape most commonly used in the “Marburg Medium” standard.
The raw material consists of stainless steel strips available in several widths, from 12 mm (1 line) to 62 mm (6 lines) and in 2 thicknesses: 0.3 mm for Braille and 0.4 mm for ACCUBRAILLE. The material is supplied by BOBST in 50 m reels. The Braille Tooling Unit machine features a PC with an intuitive operator interface which enables Braille or ACCUBRAILLE tooling to be produced in several languages in just one operation. As an option, it may also be connected to a corporate network for data transfer to be sent in a centralised manner and has capabilities to read extensions such as .dxf. A USB port also enables data to be exchanged.


Technical specifications

  • Power supply  230 V
  • Compressed air 6 bar / 87 psi
  • Size 900 × 1050 × 1740 mm
  • Weight 550 kg / 1212 lb
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