Flexo Productivity Kit

Save time and improve print quality

Save time between each job while ensuring optimum print quality. With the doctor blade chamber and quick anilox cylinder changeover systems, BOBST gives you all you need to boost your productivity.

When fitted on your FLEXO press, the chambered doctor blades will allow you to reduce the amount of ink in circulation. This means that you can improve print quality while reducing environmental impact. In addition, the printing units are a lot easier to clean.

To change your anilox cylinders, BOBST has designed an ingenious system that includes a hydropneumatic lift mechanism. As soon as a cylinder needs to be changed, the lift mechanism will remove it and replace it with a new cylinder, positioned in exactly the right place. In just five minutes, the operation is complete and you are ready to start again!



Boosting productivity

  • Reduce the time spent changing anilox cylinders
  • Save time during job changes

Improving quality

  • Improve the print quality

Optimising ergonomics

  • Simplify your operators' work
  • Clean printing units quickly and easily

Reducing environment impact

  • Reduce the amount of ink in circulation




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