Peristaltic pump

BOBST peristaltic pumps meet all our expectations!

Reliable, precise, quiet, easy to use. Enable significant savings on ink, compressed air and water. Very quick return on investment.

The new peristaltic ink pump from Bobst reverses its direction of rotation to recover up to 1.2 kg more ink per colour and job change than a pneumatic pump.

Quiet and precise, it offers very easy ink flow adjustment, so you always know you're supplying the perfect amount of ink to the machine. And your installation will pay for itself in no time!



Improving quality

  • High-quality printing without "line effects" thanks to precise flow settings

Reducing environment impact

  • Savings of around 18,000 litres of compressed air for every 8 hours of operation compared to air pumps
  • Reduction in the quantity of cleaning water and wastewater discharged
  • Up to 1.2 kg less ink per job change

Optimising ergonomics

  • Quicker, easier cleaning at each job change


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