Plastic wear bushings

Prolong the service life of your Media!

No more wear for hex head shafts and drive pulleys. Now your MEDIA II/III (series 0043/ and above) can be fitted with drive pulleys with plastic bushings which serve as wear parts. The benefit is immediate!

After conducting in-depth research, BOBST has designed ultra-resistant plastic wear bushings. These minimise friction and extend the service life of the hex head shafts and drive pulleys. Now there is no need to replace all the drive mechanism components: only the wear bushings need to be changed. Reduce your maintenance costs.


Return on investment (ROI)



 Savings over 12 years € 32'000

Standard pulley

Pulley with plastic bushing


Key points

  • Substantial savings in maintenance costs
  • Increased service life for drive train components
  • Improved drive travel


Improving availability

  • The service life of the hex head drive shafts is extended
  • Operating and maintenance costs are reduced
  • Your machine is more available

Optimising ergonomics

  • Once the new pulleys are fitted, only the plastic bushings need replacing
  • The hex head shafts no longer need lubricating
  • Simplifies operators' work

Reducing environment impact

  • Less waste: components have a longer service life
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