Split pulleys

A smart design to boost your productivity

The Split Pulleys from BOBST are split in two parts, so that you can remove them quickly without disassembling the whole COUNTER shaft during maintenance. This smart design reduces machine downtime up to five times in comparison to usual pulleys.

Designed to feed the boxes inside the COUNTER element, the new Split Pulleys replace the bi-rubber pulleys on the upper entrance shaft.

Smart and robust, the Split Pulleys are already assembled to facilitate your maintenance operations.



Boost quality

  • The Split Pulley is a BOBST Original Spare Part made of polyurethane, and it offers better wear properties and a practical design, at a competitive price.

Boost productivity

  • Machine downtime is reduced up to five times: from 5 hours to 1 hour after retrofit.
  • The number of persons involved in maintenance is halved.

Boost availability

  • Limits machine stops and guarantees optimal compatibility with the components of the machine.



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