Pile turner

The BOBST Pile Turner - the best performance yet

Introducing the new BOBST Pile Turners – now even more robust, efficient and ergonomic. These new Pile Turners are equipped with a new rotation system which increases their strength and means that piles of sheets can be turned in under 30 seconds. Fully programmable, these units turn a wide variety of sheets and are compatible with all major logistics systems.


Sheets that are properly separated and aligned considerably improve your productivity, guaranteeing optimal sheet feeding and reducing machine stoppages. BOBST Pile Turners make your life easier, separating sheets, removing dust, and then aligning and preparing them ready for perfect entry into your machine.

Even more robust and efficient

Already renowned for a quality and performance which puts them far ahead of the competition, BOBST Pile Turners have been further improved with a new rotation system that prevents mechanical stresses and increases their strength.

Available in several sizes, the new Pile Turners can process a wide range of sheet formats, up to as large as 1220 x 1640 mm, and also handle a wide range of materials, from paper to corrugated board and including many synthetic substrates. These extremely efficient devices can turn piles up to 1900 mm high (including the pallet) in under 30 seconds.

Fully programmable

The new Pile Turners are fully programmable, so avoiding long and unnecessary setting procedures. Clamping force, pile tilt angle, aeration power are among no fewer than seven parameters which can be adjusted, while each setting can be saved in your programs. Several additional automation options can also be requested, including the extraction and insertion of pallets. And, of course, all Pile Turners offer the unrivalled quality which is a BOBST. Reliable and robust, they also benefit from BOBST's warranty and support.

Technical specifications

Air plate

  • 800 mm wide, 2 rows of nozzles
  • 1000 mm wide, 3 rows of nozzles

Standard blower

  • 4 kW, 600 m3/h
  • 8,5 kW, 1100 m3/h

Adjustable intensity of vibration, adjustable by potentiometers Automatic pressure control of the ventilating system

  • Total opening
  • Sheet size min.
  • Sheet size max.
  • Sheet weight for jogging/aerating
  • Pallet size
  • Pallet height
  • Pile height (inclusive of pallet)
  • Weight of pile


  • Additional blower
  • 8.5 kW for heavy gauge sheet
  • 4.0 kW for heavy gauge sheet
  • UL certification for operating in the US or in Canada
  • Special voltage
  • Special varnish
  • Automated turning function
  • Automated pallet extraction and/or insertion
  • Pallet clamping device on loading and/or press plate
  • Tele-maintenance module for programmer access via internet
  • Operator stairs
  • Additional safety devices


Improving availability

  • Reduce machine stoppages thanks to sheets aligned to the millimetre at the infeed of your Autoplaten®.

Improving quality

  • Your sheets are separated, aerated, properly aligned and perfectly prepared for entry into the machine.

Optimising ergonomics

  • Plug and play: install your Pile Turner and start working straight away.
  • Programme and record your settings easily across seven parameters.
  • Simplifies operators' work.

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