The certified quality mark

Introducing the REGISTRON® iQ 400, our fourth-generation online quality control system. The most accurate and efficient system on the market, it guarantees superior quality production, even at 400 m/min!

State-of-the-art cameras. New image processing software. A processor offering 70 times more calculation power. An even more intuitive interface. The REGISTRON® iQ 400 from BOBST scales new heights, offering you an unprecedented level of quality.

Equipped with two colour cameras, the REGISTRON® iQ 400 continuously inspects 100% of the web, up to production speeds of 400 m/min. Even the smallest defects are detected, on any type of surface. These are then recorded, classified and integrated into statistics, giving you greater control over your productivity. Don't compromise on quality!



Improving quality

  • Continuous quality control of the entire web. The detection of slightest non-conformities
    offers customers a “Zero fault” quality label

Winning new markets

  • Superior quality, consistent production enables you to meet the needs of the most demanding customers and also anticipating the continuous rise in quality required from brand owners

Optimising ergonomics

  • Clear and intuitive touch-screen interface
  • Fast and easy set-up
  • Less manual interventions and sorting of imperfect samples
  • Quality management system with statistic reports to help you easily track the defect history

Reducing environment impact

  • When paired with an automatic BOBST ejection system, waste is significantly reduced



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