Total quality printing set

Register your jobs automatically with: Board lead edge to 1st color (S-4) Color to color (Registron® S-5500)

A step forward for the flexo post print to keep the flexo process in your control.

Key points

Advantages S-4 Lead edge to first color

  • Measures sheet edge position
  • Automatic correction before 1st color
  • Ejects automatically sheets out of register
  • Reduces time for start-up register
  • Reduce waste during set-up & during run time

Advantages S-5500 Color to color

  • Measures the accuracy between colors
  • Automatic register
  • Reduces time for start-up
  • Register tolerances are set by operators
  • Eject automatically unacceptable sheets
  • Provide data base for process control
  • Reduce waste during set-up & run
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