Food grade first for Kingston

With concern increasing about the mineral oil contamination of food products by packaging, the Kingston Carton Company is the first UK carton maker to implement mineral oil free manufacturing using...

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BOBST Plasma Treater at Diamond Packaging

At Diamond Packaging in Rochester New York, innovation for changing market needs is one of the most consistent factors in the company’s long history of success. Founded in 1911, Diamond has evolved...

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Packaging trends - customers want smaller, more personalised packaging

From formats and transparency to developments in e-commerce, changes will happen quickly and will have a major effect on the industry and on packaging surfaces. BOBST specialists look to the future.

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Rhiem 01

Think tank for customers: How the RHIEM Group is developing new sales potential with two MASTERFOLD folder-gluers

With its investment in the latest high-end folding & gluing technology from BOBST, the RHIEM Group is rigorously focusing on further growth. In view of the almost infinite possibilities opened up by...

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BOBST ACCUBRAILLE GT - Proven around the world

The embossing of drug information onto pharmaceutical packaging by the use of Braille has been mandatory throughout Europe in one form or another since 2005. In the years following the advent of this...

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Laser 01

Successful launch into hot foil stamping

The secret of success for Läser AG from Gontenschwil, Switzerland, is flexibility in premium product manufacture. The packaging printer uses the latest BOBST technology for hot foil stamping, folding...

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EXPERTFOLD - Versatility personified

"Virtually every top flight carton plants in the world will have BOBST folder-gluers in their machine park," says Jacques Reymond, Head of Sales and Marketing for BOBST’s folder-gluer product line....

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BOBST folder-gluers: Over seventy years of innovation

BOBST has been part of the folder-gluer landscape almost as long as it has been making machinery.Having the right equipment for the job is vital in any industry, but is particularly important in the...

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