Entering a new era of digital printing solutions


Taking packaging to the next level

BOBST will install prototypes in 2015 of the new digital technology for the corrugated packaging industry – offering new and exciting business opportunities to both packaging manufacturers and brand owners alike.

The revolution has begun

Faster time to market
Unrivalled production speed and the ability to print just what is needed, when needed.

Printing quality
Over 50 billion drops continuously circulating every second without clogging, ensuring high image consistency and brand integrity.

Customization / Versioning
Digital marketing reaches new heights with digital printing. Promotion, personalization, versioning: all are possible.

Digital printing enables savings in substrates, obsolete inventory, ink and tooling.

Food safety
BOBST digital solutions use food compliant ink that is water-based, solventless, and odorless.

Variable data
For optimum traceability and enhanced consumer interactivity.

Packaging customization

What we call extended packaging – using technologies such as QR codes (Quick Response codes) among others – opens up a range of exciting new possibilities for brand owners, from consumer engagement to brand protection. By using their mobile phone to scan a QR code on packaging, consumers can receive personalized information about a product such as its ingredients or components, ways to use it, complementary products, value chain or environmental information, or might gain access to loyalty schemes, competitions or social networking communities. For the brand owner, extended packaging brings marketing and engagement possibilities such as these along with the opportunity to verify the authenticity of their product to prevent counterfeiting and so guarantee that the customer will get the promised quality.

The implications for packaging manufacturers are many. Firstly, digital printing is central to being able to deliver extended packaging and BOBST is working with partners on innovative industrial digital solutions that will offer packaging makers unique opportunities to expand their businesses. Secondly, the trend towards smaller batch sizes, with the subsequent need to further reduce changeover times, will continue to put pressure on packaging manufacturers. Equipment suppliers such as BOBST will need to respond to this challenge with new ideas and refinements of existing ones to help its customers rise to the challenge.