Gravure presses

BOBST has been involved in the design and manufacture of rotogravure printing presses for more than seventy five years. During that time BOBST, and its Rotomec and Kochsiek product lines, have continuously used their thorough knowledge of the process and of the market's specific requirements in order to deliver the most productive and profitable solutions to the flexible material and folding carton industries.

The result is that no equipment manufacturer can rival the range of gravure printing presses available for these applications from BOBST.

RS 6003

A platform for leading-edge solutions

MW 60

Minimized waste & medium web gravure printing

MW 80

Minimized waste & medium web gravure printing

RS 4004X HS

Master of excellence in high speed gravure printing

RS 4004X

Master of excellence in gravure printing

RS 4004Xi

Master of excellence in gravure printing for specific niche markets

RS 6002

The gateway to premium printing


RS 5002

Quality and efficiency on film and paper

GP 500L

Designed for paperboard packaging applications

GP 700D

Spot-on solution for your decorative printing business


Add gravure to your competitive advantages

LEMANIC RIVIERA ILS® - Production line

Gravure excellence for your product portfolio