Keep an eye on your machines wherever you are, whenever you want. Our web applications (Remote Monitoring, Downtime Tracking, etc.) allow you to monitor the satisfactory operation of production from your computer, your tablet, or even your smart phone. You therefore have the assurance of instantaneous monitoring - giving you peace of mind or letting you take immediate action through your technical department!

Remote Monitoring

With the Remote Monitoring application you can stay connected to your production flow, wherever and whenever you like. Analyse information from your machines in real time, monitor your production curves and take the right decisions!

Downtime tracking

The Downtime Tracking application allows you to view all machine stops, analyse their specific causes and measure the efficiency of your interventions in order to improve them. Thanks to an intuitive system and accurate reports, you can identify downtimes at a glance, see what caused them, establish their frequency... and correct the problem. Downtime Tracking is the best way to boost your productivity.

Open Interface

The Open Interface platform created by BOBST will take you into a new era. By connecting your machines directly to your information system, it accelerates and improves data exchanges within your company. Open Interface lets you communicate directly with your production workshop, input clients orders more quickly and act straightaway. Great news for your productivity.


  • Simplified monitoring
  • Monitoring everywhere, at any time
  • User-friendly and secure interface
  • Multi-platform
  • Optimised performance of equipment
  • SaaS mode, does not require infrastructure
  • Automated reports

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