16 Axis Box

Urgent: replace your 16-axis box and avoid the risk of machine downtime!

Don't take any risks – the 16-Axis Box is now completely obsolete and must be replaced as soon as possible. Your partner in productivity, BOBST, offers a new, more reliable and more efficient model. Order it now to avoid unexpected machine downtime!


Produced for over 30 years, the 16-Axis Box is a key module of your FFG or DRO machine. It controls the positioning of axes, speed and the interaction with other components. However, technology has evolved significantly since the first generation was designed. That model is now obsolete, and some of its components, such as the microprocessors, must be replaced.

More efficient, better suited

Always concerned with keeping you up to date and providing solutions that meet your needs, BOBST has developed a new generation of 16-Axis Box, perfectly suited to current technology and guaranteeing your machine a service life of many more years.

All the components of the new 16-Axis Box have been optimised to bring them up to date. The microprocessors have been upgraded to offer increased speed and reliability. The memory units used to back up data have been replaced with SD cards, just like those in your digital camera.

Simplified installation, guaranteed compatibility

Installing the new 16-Axis Box is an amazingly simple process. Designed as a Plug & Play solution, it can be installed by the customer in an hour, without needing to call in our technicians.

And thanks to all of BOBST's expertise and technical proficiency, your new 16-Axis Box is perfectly compatible with the equipment and software that you already use. You can easily retrieve your current software, with no adjustment needed. This saves you time and optimises your maintenance.

Available for:


  • FFG machines
  • DRO machines


Improving availability

  • Benefit from increased reliability when restarting your machine.
  • Perfect compatibility with your equipment and software.

Upgrading equipment

  • Plug & play solution: replace your 16-Axis Box in just one hour.
  • Optimise your maintenance by retrieving your existing software.

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