Bernoulli Power

Improve sheet control and increase productivity

Opt for the Bernoulli Power Increase device to raise your productivity, with better sheet control during the die-cutting process, whatever the speed of your machine or the format, weight or type of sheets being processed.

By increasing vacuum pressure, the BOBST Bernoulli Power Increase device is able to keep your die-cut sheets flat during the stripping and blank separating processes.
The high level of flexibility provided by its use of electric motors makes the Bernoulli Power Increase device incredibly effective. With an increased range of frequencies, you are guaranteed optimum performance at both low and high speeds.
Autoplaten® SP 142-CER and SP 162-CER

Sheet control with and without Bernoulli Power Increase, at maximum production speed.



Boosting productivity

  • Higher rate of production thanks to a reduction in machine stop
  • Increased stability
  • Sheets of lightweight or delicate materials are kept flat, even at high speeds

Improving quality

  • Better sheet control during the stripping and separating processes

Improving availability

  • Reduction in downtime during production
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