BOBST Waste Stripper

Strip the waste from your stack 10 times faster

An end to manual waste stripping

Thanks to the pneumatic Waste Stripper from BOBST, you can strip waste 10 times quicker than by hand. The Waste Stripper is unique on the market : equipped with a multi-tooth chain, it is lightweight, quiet and guarantees impeccable final results. It is currently the most robust compressed air waste stripper on the market.


The BOBST Waste Stripper is equipped with a multi-tooth chain driven by a compressed air motor with an output of 400W. Its teeth do not cut the paper, they catch it. Your operator simply needs to hold the device, while the Waste Stripper takes care of the rest – a simple procedure, and incredibly quick. Overall, it strips up to 10 times quicker than by hand !

To simplify and reduce the operator’s workload, the BOBST Waste Stripper can now be equipped with our load balancer, a support device which compensates for the weight of the Waste Stripper (4 kg). The machine operator will then only have to guide the device, without supporting its weight.


Spare parts : maintenance kit for the chain and spare chain

The service life of the Waste Stripper chain depends on several factors : amount and length of use, type of materials stripped and maintenance. Sparing daily lubrication significantly increases the chain’s service life.


Technical specifications

BOBST Waste StripperWaste Stripper load balancer
Output400 WLoad capacity2.5-5 kg
Compressed air6.3 bar / 91 psiCable length2 m
Dimensions400 × 120 × 160 mm
Weight4 kg / 8.8 lbs
Sound level87 dB
BOBST warranty1 year



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