Braille Dot Checker

Accurately measure the height of your Braille dots

Accurately measure the height of Braille dots by sampling, before and during production, to ensure that they are in line with international standards and within the required quality tolerances: essential criteria for the pharmaceuticals industry. The new BOBST Braille Dot Checker system allows the height, diameter and spacing of your Braille dots to be checked to a high degree of accuracy using an optical system and without contact. A solution guaranteeing precision and conformity while also allowing you to gather statistics and print quality reports.

Technical specifications

  • Comprising a unit with a USB connector and intuitive software
  • The measurement is taken by pressing a key on the side of the unit
  • A PDF report is then accessible with a colour code which validates the Braille dot
  • Each measurement is identified with the job number, thereby enabling the data to be easily found in the form of statistics.


Latest software version

User manual

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