Carbon Fibre Chamber

Discover the latest generation doctor blade chambers

All the advantages of carbon fibre

Combining superb BOBST design with the distinct advantages of carbon fibre :  his is the challenge met by our latest addition, the new anti-corrosion doctor blade chambers. Created by BOBST, it provides your MASTERFLEX machine with the very best in terms of performance and reliability.


Key points

  • The major innovation of these new doctor blade chambers is to use woven carbon fibre to replace conventional components made from steel or aluminium. While this material requires a longer manufacturing process, it compensates for this with the wide range of advantages it offers.
  • This innovation proves itself cost-effective on every level. As carbon fibre is inert, it is not subject to corrosion. Ultraresistant, it can be used to work at very high speeds and provides better quality ink doctoring. Its stability prevents it from altering over time and with changes in temperature. Light and easy to maintain, it enables downtime and maintenance to be reduced.
  • Don’t delay : install the new carbon fibre doctor blade chambers and take your MASTERFLEX machine to an unrivalled level of performance !

Technical specifications

  • Unlike aluminium, woven carbon fibre does not oxidise and is not altered by either inks or cleaning products. Result : your BOBST carbon fibre doctor blade chambers are guaranteed against corrosion for 15 years. Carbon is 66 % lighter than aluminium and 3 times more resistant.
  • Selected for its excellent surface tension, the resin used in the new BOBST doctor blade chambers allows much faster cleaning and maintenance. And, compared to alternative coating layers, it does not change its properties over time.


  • 15 years non Corrosion Guarantee
  • BOBST patented quick lock system
  • Weight advantage
  • Shock absorption
  • Easier cleaning
  • Material stability
  • Material strength
  • Woven carbon fibre


Improving quality

  • High resistance of carbon fibre to mechanical stress.
  • Uniform blade doctoring and inking of printing units.   

Optimising ergonomics

  • Quicker and easier cleaning and maintenance.

Improving availability

  • Reduction in pressure when attaching the doctor blade chambers, for improved performance and reduced downtime.

Boosting productivity

  • Allows high speed running without the risk of damage to the doctor blade chambers.
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