Centralp PCI

Give your folder - gluer a new lease of life!

The Centralp PLC installed on your FFG 924 or FFG 1228 machine with an independently-controlled folder (PCI) is now obsolete, and its spare parts are becoming harder to obtain. BOBST can help you quickly upgrade to the latest-generation variable speed drive, avoid nasty surprises and boost your industrial performance.


If your machine malfunctions and you have not replaced your Centralp PLC, it could take 10 weeks to obtain the spare parts for retrofitting - an eternity for your machine and catastrophic for your productivity.

Upgrade to the new Lenze variable speed drive

BOBST is on hand to advise you. Don't take risks: make the most of our expertise and have your old PLC replaced with a latest-generation PCI variable speed drive from Lenze. With its ultra-advanced software and separate touch screen control, it will bring your folder-gluer into a brand new era. You benefit from improved functionality and ergonomics, while substantially boosting your performance.

BOBST experts will perform the installation

Replacing your Centralp PLC is a quick operation. Allow 6 to 8 weeks for preparation. It then takes our experts just three days to perform all the necessary actions and adjustments. Add in a day of training for your operators on how to restart the machine, and your equipment is guaranteed long-term.

Available for:

  • MIDLINE 924 type FFG with an independently-controlled folder
  • TRANSLINE 1228 type FFG with an independently-controlled folder


Improving availability

  • Guarantee the durability of your equipment and reduce the risk of malfunctions.

Optimising ergonomics

  • Enjoy an intuitive interface, thanks to its separate touch screen control.

Boosting productivity

  • Adjustments are quick and easy to perform.
  • Optimise your maintenance.



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