Corrugated checker plus

Your guarantee of perfectly printed boxes.

The Corrugated Checker Plus from BOBST guarantees you perfect quality printing with no washboarding, crinkling or folding issues. Here's how it works.

The print quality of your boxes depends to a large extent on the quality of the corrugated board. Even the smallest defects, invisible to the naked eye, can affect the look of your product.

Employing revolutionary imaging technology, the Corrugated Checker Plus offers extremely accurate measurement of the corrugating roll – a true BOBST exclusive – as well as washboarding, the flute profile and the creasing quality.

The Corrugated Checker Plus is your guarantee of a perfectly flat printing surface: the device issues a warning if any measurements exceed the tolerances, enabling you to avoid print defects and save a lot of time, without the need to restart production. You can also quickly check whether the board from your suppliers meets the high level of quality you have come to expect.


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Improving quality

  • Better print quality
  • Attractive boxes, thanks to optimal board management
  • Your quality control

Winning new markets

  • Produce high-end, high-quality boxes

Reducing environment impact

  • No need to reprint - quality is assured even before production
  • Reduced board waste
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