Crease checker PLUS & PREMIUM

The ideal solution for checking and guaranteeing the quality of your boxes

In 2013, BOBST revolutionised the process for checking crease quality with CREASE CHECKER. BOBST now presents the latest generation of this technology. Even more complete and accurate, CREASE CHECKER detects and measures any defects in creases, dies and embossed areas with extreme precision.

CREASE CHECKER is an efficient, practical and complete checking solution which guarantees an immediate return on investment. It enables you to export data and share it internally or produce a quality report for your customers. Accurate, compact and easy to use, it can be connected to either a PC or a Mac (software updates are free). Supplied in a case with a calibration certificate.

Two versions are available:


Technical specifications

Measure bead characteristics
Measure crease characteristics
Multi crease measurement
Measure subsequently bead and crease characteristics and overlay images to obtain cross section image
Measure embossing areas (positive or negative relief)
Measure the folding characteristics of the finished box
Measures the creasing counterparts
Multi crease measurement "round corner" -
Measure fine structure embossing areas (positive or negative relief) such as text (1)Option
Scan embossing (positive or negative relief) with statistics (2)OptionOption
Measures the folding characteristics of the finished box with production control and statisticsOption
(coming soon)
(coming soon)



Crease CheckerOptions
Crease Checker
Crease Checker
(1) Upgrade Crease Checker PLUS
to PREMIUM version
(2) Analysing kit for embossing
(PREMIUM version is mandatory)



Latest software version

User manual



Boosting productivity

  • High quality creases guarantee optimal box opening on filling lines and reduce the risk of machine stoppages
  • Crease checking avoids malformation and asymmetry and therefore prevents rejects and production losses
  • You see an immediate return on investment

Improving quality

  • View the quality of creases from the first die-cut sheets
  • Correct any crease asymmetry before starting production
  • Predict any tension of the surface layer of the box and any risk of the varnish cracking during folding
  • Guarantee folding cartons are perfectly formed

Optimising ergonomics

  • The software and the HD camera are intuitive and easy to use
  • The statistics can be saved in PDF format and quickly printed
  • Lightweight and durable, CREASE CHECKER is ideal for production environments









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