Individual positioning

Optimal register, from the very first sheet

A simple way to optimise your production. With BOBST's Individual Positioning system, adjusting the print register is quicker and more accurate than ever.

Don't waste any more time between printing jobs! The Individual Positioning system allows you to index the rotation of each printing unit independently, directly from the CUBE interface (Control Unit BOBST Electronic)  for your BOBST FLEXO press.

This sophisticated system guarantees a correction precision of 0.1 mm and helps you to ensure the optimum colour register from the very first sheet.

In addition to this, you no longer have to mount and clean printing plates separately. This means that you can save a lot of time between jobs. When you restart production, your printing cylinders will automatically return to their correct positions, in accordance with the settings you have stored.



Boosting productivity

  • Reduce set-up time
  • Save time between different jobs

Improving quality

  • Optimum colour register

Optimising ergonomics

  • Simplified adjustment and complete control through the CUBE interface
  • Mount or clean printing plates simultaneously in each printing unit
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