Lubricator Plus

An unbeatable price, all-year-round lubrication guaranteed for your SP 102

The new BOBST Lubricator Plus system automatically lubricates your machines' lube points, 24 hours a day, for the whole year.

Put simply, "hidden" lube points are no longer a problem when using the Lubricator Plus.

The plan is simple: when you purchase an SP0571UPG0050 lubrication kit, a BOBST technician will come and, in one day, will fit the lubricant cartridges on each hard-to-reach lubrication point.

By signing up to the BSA03200000IH resupply contract, BOBST will automatically deliver new lubricant cartridges to you for the following year. You need only replace them – it's quick and easy!

Sign up and guarantee your preventive maintenance today!


The Lubricator Plus bears the THOUGHT FOR FOOD label and is NSF/H1 certified. This means that the lubricants used are fully compatible with food industry requirements. With the Lubricator Plus, you are protecting the environment, while winning new markets in the food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical industries.

Key points

  • Saves time
  • Ideal for difficult to reach lubrication points
  • Annual delivery package: your replacement cartridges delivered, every year, on the right date
  • Quick and easy to install, for increased productivity
  • Cartridges are easy to change


Technical specifications

ProductAutomatic lubricator which runs for 12 months for oils and greases
Control systemH2 gas generator cell (dry element)
Operating pressure5 bars
Settingcontinuously for 1-12 months (under normal conditions), replace after 12 months
Operating temperatureAmbient temperature from -20°C up to +55°C (the consistency of the grease changes with the temperature)
UseThe lubricator can be installed in any position, even under water. Warning Do not expose directly to heat.
Storage temperatureRecommended temperature 20°C +/- 5°C
Capacity30 ml60 ml125 ml250 ml
Weight when full~82 g~115 g~ 190 g~335 g
Weight when empty~55 g~60 g~ 75 g~111 g


Improving quality

  • Optimises the lubrication of your machine
  • Protects your investment

Boosting productivity

  • Saves time: no more need for manual lubrication
  • Reduces machine downtime
  • BOBST technicians handle full installation

Optimising ergonomics

  • Ideal for the most inaccessible lubrication points
  • Ideal for points that require weekly and biannual lubrication
  • Easy-to-change cartridge
  • Resupply kit from the second year of use

Improving availability

  • Extends the service life of your machine

 Winning new markets

  • Designed for the food industry

Reducing environment impact

  • Bearing the THOUGHT FOR FOOD label
  • NSF/H1 certified
  • Protects health and the environment



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