The high performance supervisor

The MPC3R retrofit comes with an optimized electronic solution that enables pre-selection and control of the machine’s settings. It substitutes earlier versions and provides you with a touch screen technology, improved ergonomics and reliability.

Fitted on the machine, the supervisor is a key electronic device for the pre-selection and control of the machine’s set-ups. It enables dialogue with the operator, displays the box on the screen and controls the axes of each component on the machine.


A powerful interface

If you need to update your current supervisor with the MPC3R retrofit, the machine steps up to a whole new level — presenting a more modern, more ergonomic and better performing interface.

The MPC3R consists of a touch screen and a Siemens Microbox PC that displays production orders and provides a communication interface with the operator. To monitor the axes calibration a Siemens S7 automation is added to the retrofit to replace the MP1 and MP2 supervisors.


A smarter console for simplicity, clarity and traceability.

The MPC3R system fits in the original console and provides:

  • Better visibility on the screen. The new graphic interface makes operators’ tasks easier.
  • Clear display of calculated dimensions and actual dimensions.
  • Improved and capable memory:

    • Up to 10,000 programs and settings saved for 4 panel boxes layouts.
    • Operators’ settings can be saved and reused.
    • Programmable register adjustment.
    • Quick backup of boxes settings on an USB flash drive.


  • FFG 618 machines equipped with the MPC2 (Windows 95) or MPC3i supervisors
  • FFG 924 FP (Fine Printing) machines equipped with the MPC2 or the MPC3i supervisors
  • FFG 616 (MINILINE), 718 (SUPERMINILINE), 924 (MIDLINE), 1224 (FLEXOCOMPACT), 1228 (TRANSLINE),1636 (CUTLINE) and 1848 (MAXILINE) machines, equipped with the MP1, MP2, MP3, MPC1 and MTT supervisors
  • DRO and DRO 1628 GT machines equipped with the MTT or MPC2 supervisors


Boost quality

  • High performance equipment for more ease of use and a simplified production process.

Boost ergonomics

  • A simple display, a more readable operator interface and a larger memory.

Boost productivity

  • Efficient equipment that helps eliminate all manual adjustments and optimize productivity.

Boost business

  • Performing timely maintenance that reduces machine downtime and improves the equipment’s life.



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