Increase your productivity on small-sized boxes

Boost your production of small-sized boxes by installing the BOBST MultiFold function. Increase your production rate, process 2 or 3 blanks in a single pass, improve the final appearance of your boxes.


Designed for large-scale production, the MultiFold is the ultimate solution for box production on your FFG lines. The MultiFold adapts to the size of your machine and is available in two versions: DualFold and TriFold


Increase productivity and quality

On the DualFold version, each sheet in the feeder produces 2 boxes out on the line. On the TriFold version, each sheet in the feeder produces 3 boxes out on the line. In other words, you can double or even triple your production rate and produce even more boxes than before.

However, the MultiFold not only increases your productivity, it also improves the quality of the finished product. This is thanks to a rotary cutter, which optimises your production quality while maintaining BOBST standard specifications. It also uses continuous multi-T belts in the folder, guaranteeing a perfect finish for flat boxes or boxes folded in-line.


A host of applications

The MultiFold can be used for several applications, such as producing small-sized boxes for the agri-foods market (e.g. biscuit boxes, fruit packaging boxes), or for high-quality printing with a special mode, which slows the production speed to enable the ink and varnish to dry optimally.

Don't delay! Choose a device which is quick to deliver a very high return on investment.

Technical specifications


  • From 3000 to 20,000 boxes/hour
  • Board length (running direction) 255-920 mm
  • L1: 255 to 445 mm
  • L2: 255 to 295 mm

FFG 1228NT/FFG 1232NT

  • From 3000 to 30,000 boxes/hour
  • Board length (running direction) 350-1160 mm
  • L1: 350 to 565 mm
  • L2: 350 to 375 mm


For non NT machines (controlled by an MPC2/MPC3i type supervisory system), the MultiFold must be adjusted manually. For NT-type machines, the MultiFold function is automatically controlled by the MPC3 supervisor.

The TEC counter with Siemens S5 PLC on your FFG machine must be replaced with the S7 version. TEC398-type counters installed before 1998 running on software version V51 (or earlier) must be replaced.



To further boost your performance, BOBST is offering an optional one-week training course on the use of rotary die cutters, to enable your teams to master this process.

Available for:


  • MIDLINE 924
  • 924FP
  • FFG 924NT
  • FFG 1228NT
  • FFG 1232NT
  • FFG 1632 NT
  • FFG 1636 NT

Equipped with a PCD 426 or 450 folder and a CEH 398 or 460 counter


Improving quality

  • Full sheet die-cuts, with no nicks
  • Neat folding and a smooth finish

Boosting productivity

  • Extend your production range and significantly improve your productivity
  • MultiFold boosts your capacity



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