New BOBST Lubricants

Lubricants for producing hygiene-compliant packaging

Win new markets with the new range of BOBST lubricants. Registered with NSF International, they meet the requirements of the most stringent industries, including food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

The quality of lubricant oil directly affects how your machine operates. It is also crucial to the quality of your packaging, particularly if there is a risk of contact with commonly consumed products such as food, cosmetics or medicines.

Certified as class H1 by the independent body NSF International, our fully synthetic lubricants prevent any risk of contamination. They are also kinder to the environment. Make the right choice today.



Improving quality

  • Prevent all risks to human and animal health

Improving availability

  • Increase the service life of your equipment
  • Protect your investment

Optimising ergonomics

  • Only use one range of lubricants for your machine. Winning new markets

Winning new markets

  • Win demanding markets such as food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
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