Non-Stop Grid

The Quick Set NS Grid can be set from the delivery side of your SP machine in less time than it takes to say 'Quick Set NS Grid'! And, in addition to saving you time, this latest product from BOBST offers many other benefits!

The Quick Set NS Grid has been developed by BOBST engineers with ergonomic design as its key attribute. No more tedious and time-consuming setting, where fingers are individually unscrewed from the grid before they are placed between the joggers.

With a single press of a button, the Quick Set NS Grid releases all non-stop bars from the grid and adjusts their position offering complete freedom of movement. With one more press of the button, the fingers are locked into place! Depending on the scenario, you could halve the set-up time of your non-stop grid.



Optimising ergonomics

  • A single operation to lock and unlock all the fingers
  • The Quick Set NS Grid requires minimal installation
  • No need for clamping tools
  • Device features a dust protection system

Boosting productivity

  • For certain jobs, setting the Quick Set NS Grid can be done in half the time required to set a standard non-stop grid
  • Faster job change-over
  • Quick and accurate positioning
  • Optimised performance at high speeds
  • Compatible with all tools

Increasing security

  • The automatic finger-locking feature eliminates the risks of damage associated with incorrect manual locking or from tools left inside the machine
  • Increased operator safety
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