Improve the quality of your die-cutting with programmed anvil grinding.

Install this retrofit to maximise both your work processes and the quality of your die-cutting. Schedule in anvil grinding to suit your production requirements. Control grinding via the new touchscreen. Better production, at higher speeds.


Grinding your polyurethane anvil covers is a key factor in ensuring the quality of your die-cutting. In fact, it is essential when the surface of the anvils is damaged, if there are visible differences in the die-cut dimensions on the box, if the die-cuts lack sharpness, if waste is attached to the anvil or to the cutting tools, or if the creases are overly or insufficiently pronounced.

The grinding shaft is fitted directly on the machine and the tungsten carbide blades ensure precise machining. The covers are ground by rotation and lateral shifting (+/- 25 mm) of the anvil. When the grinding operation is started, the machine operator can select between 2 and 10 passes. Each lasts 2 minutes and grinds 0.2 mm from the covers. The ground diameter of the anvil is displayed on the screen. The machine operator can inspect the conditions of the cover at any time and decide whether or not another pass is required.

The retrofit comprises:

The NT-TYPE ANVIL GRINDING retrofit comprises:

  • a grinding shaft of 2400 or 2800 mm in length, equipped with 54 (web width 2400 mm) or 64 (web width 2800 mm) blades made from tungsten carbide which machine the anvil covers
  • sensors, solenoid valves and a cylinder for positioning the grinding shaft
  • a touchscreen for controlling the grinding process
  • an electrical switch cabinet


Length of the grinding shaft: 2400 or 2800 mm
Grinding speed (average): 8600 boxes per hour
Machining thickness on each pass: 0.2 mm



The independent control function for the anvil using a servomotor controlled by a variable speed drive is compulsory if it is not installed as standard on the machine.


Improving quality

  • Clean and neat die-cuts, free from burrs
  • Less polyurethane residue on the boxes

Boosting productivity

  • Schedule maintenance of your anvil covers in advance
  • Spend less time adjusting your machine when starting a new job



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