Plasma Treater

BOBST Plasma Treater : the reference for gluing boxes in the food and cosmetics industries.

Quality standards are becoming increasingly strict in the food and cosmetics industries - for example, boxes must be perfectly sealed. However, to achieve this result the substrate must be correctly prepared and cleaned prior to gluing. The BOBST PLASMA TREATER has become the reference in this domain. Avoid the risk of customer returns - apply the Bobst plasma treatment to all your boxes!

You'll undoubtedly recognise this phenomenon: if a substrate is not clean and free from contamination even the most expensive glue won't give you the necessary adhesion. BOBST created the PLASMA TREATER to solve this problem. It has become indispensable for anyone wishing to produce packaging of the very highest quality.

The PLASMA TREATER ensures maximum surface tension. In addition, the nozzles are positioned just before the gluing station inside the machine, guaranteeing complete, perfect treatment of the glue flaps. This approach is a major advantage for numerous applications, such as polyethylene plastic film on solid board or polypropylene film on corrugated board.

Optimal quality, maximum efficiency: the BOBST PLASMA TREATER guarantees an immediate return on your investment. And remember, PLASMA TREATER is available in versions with 1 to 4 nozzles. Whatever your application, we have the right plasma treatment to suit your production.



Boosting productivity

  • Reduces the number of glues needed in stock
  • Reduces your production costs by using standard glues

Improving quality

  • Enables optimised gluing of synthetic, laminated and varnished surfaces

Winning new markets

  • Add value to your packaging with synthetic coating layers and windows

Optimising ergonomics

  • The two nozzles can be activated independently
  • Quick and simple access to the main functions via remote control
  • Castors make the BOBST PLASMA TREATER easy to move from one machine to another
  • Each nozzle is delivered with an adjustable support for easier set-up on the machine

Reducing environment impact

  • The treatment produces no dust and does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC), solvents or gas
  • Conforms to CE standards
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