Platen Conditioning

Get back the original performance levels of your platen

Even with rigorous maintenance, the moisture content in cardboard tends to oxidise the beams, chase and platens of your Autoplaten® die-cutter. These deteriorate relentlessly, their metal components corroding and their surfaces becoming increasingly uneven. As a consequence, machine operators are required to spend increasing amounts of time preparing makeready sheets to compensate for parallelism faults in the platen. Your machine remains out of action for longer and you use huge quantities of makeready tape.
Armed with our knowledge of your needs, equipment and the market, we have designed an innovative, comprehensive, simple, and highly effective solution comprising of: a maintenance service – called Platen Conditioning – and a new range of products developed specifically to recondition your Autoplaten® die-cutter.





Simple and effective

  • Carried out in 1 day
  • 1 BOBST technician
  • Autoplaten® reconditioning and protection
  • Plates and chase reconditioned


  • Carried out in 1 day
  • 1 BOBST instructor
  • Zone makeready validated
  • Expert advice and assistance when setting up jobs

Simply call up your BOBST representative to arrange an appointment
Our technician will service your machine using powerful equipment and new products specially developed for platen maintenance

Advice from BOBST experts

To reduce your machine's downtime, have the Platen Conditioning service carried out in conjunction with our Maintenance Plus service.



The BOBST conditioning kit will ensure that your platens remain perfectly maintained after the Platen Conditioning service.

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Item reference: BSA1734050000

BOBST products meet international standards concerning the protection of health and the environment.

BOBST lubricants are registered with NSF International, an independent accreditation organisation, which is recognised worldwide. They are classed H1, as required for use in the food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries. For more information, visit the National Sanitation Foundation website:


Read the article published in Folding Carton Industry. January/February 2016



Improving quality

  • Autoplaten® machines in good condition guarantee even pressure and therefore the highest cutting quality
  • A reduction in the cutting force helps to reduce the number and size of nicks

Improving availability

  • Up to 50% reduction in makeready time: preparation work for jobs is quicker and less demanding for operators
  • A reduction in the cutting force of up to 30% - reducing cutting tool wear

Increasing security

  • Using our lubricants – classed as "H1" by NSF International for "incidental food contact" – reduces the risk of your products being contaminated


  • Regular maintenance enables BOBST to detect and perform preventative repairs on any wear observed

Winning new markets

  • Classed as "H1" by NSF International, our lubricants open up new markets to you: the food industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics



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