Wireless remote control

Set your operator free

A wireless remote control system gives folder-gluer operators the freedom to set and run your BOBST folder-gluer from anywhere along its length. The operator has the flexibility to monitor exactly what is happening at any point on the line, along with convenience of control at his fingertips.

Key points

  • Offers all the main functions such as:

    • Speed and feeder control
    • Raising, lowering and declination of rotary hooks
    • Carrier movement on CSM versions

  • Very user friendly, and can be supplied with English, French or German interfaces (other languages available on request)
  • Each unit is dedicated to just one machine, guaranteeing operator safety
  • Uses commonly available standard or rechargeable battery cells (not included)
  • Shock resistant case protects the handset from the bumps and scrapes of day-to-day production

Technical specifications

  • The package includes two remote control handsets
  • Installation is carried out by one of our experienced BOBST technicians
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